Best Laptops for Students Under 30000 INR

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Best Laptops for Students Under 30000

There are hundreds of laptops in the market. So we've listed best laptops for students under 30000. These laptops are selected as best laptops for students below 30000. Tablets and Laptops are the trending gadgets for the students. But with the increase in the craze of the laptops in the market, many of the laptop manufacturers have been evolved in the market in the recent time with their own features and quotes. So we need to always choose the best laptop at best price for any kind of personal as well as professional use. So in today’s post, we will discuss few laptops and their features for the students under 30,000 INR whether Mac or Windows laptops.

Best Laptops for Students Below 30000 Rs

HP Pavilion G6-2302AX

HP well known for their great laptops at really reasonable price launched HP Pavilion G6 under the mark of 30,000 with great processors, features, operating system and so on.
Best Laptops for Students Under 30,000 INR
It comes with the 1.9 GHz AMD Quad core processor and Windows 8 64 bit operating systems, allowing the fast and smooth function of the system. It consists of 4 GB RAM, which can be further expanded up to 8 GB giving a huge space for any document or multimedia storage. It has 15.6 inches cool display screen and 1 GB graphic card for better gaming experience. Overall the best decision for the students if they select this laptop. This can be considered as best laptops for students under 30000.

Dell Inspiron 15 3521
Best Laptops for Students

Dell, popularly known for servicing their users with great featured laptops and devices launched this laptop at a reasonable price. The device weighing around 2.25 kg comes with 15.6-inch display screen providing with the quality display. The device has inbuilt 1.9 GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core processor and 4 GB RAM, which can be expanded up to 8 GB. The device gives you around 5-6 hours of battery backup which is really useful when you are traveling, giving you a reason to go for it. Dell N5531 is the best laptop under 3000o Inr.

HP 2000

Best Laptops for Students
Another HP laptop is coming at a reasonable price with unique features and specifications. The device provides its users with 15.6 inches massive display for the proper video display with the Disk Operating System (DOS) along with Intel i3 core CPU. It comes with inbuilt 2 GB RAM (expandable up to 8 GB) and 500 GB HDD. The device is available in classic black color giving a high-class look to hands. Another best laptop below 30000 Rs.

Acer Aspire E1-522A
Best Laptops for Students
Acer has provided this device with really amazing features at the cost of around 27k INR coming with 1.5 GHz quad-core A4 processor and an AMD Radeon graphic processor. Just like other above-mentioned devices, it comes with 15.6 inches big display and 2 GB DDR3 system memory which can be upgradable up to 8 GB. The laptop best runs on Windows 8 and the camera facility provided by the laptop is high class providing clear and perfect clicks. The device is available in pretty beauty black giving classic look.

Conclusion on Best Laptops for Students Under 30000 Rs:

All the above mentioned best laptops under students below 30000 Rs with really superb features with adorable looks and colors having the capability to attract any person towards it whether student or adult or of any age these laptops are best at a reasonable price. Best laptops under 30000 for students.

Why you have to study in India instead of Abroad ?

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Education plays the role of backbone in a country’s progress and development, which means that nothing is more important than Education for the development of a country. An individual’s education is as important as the education of the whole nation because every bit helps. One thing is very important to mention that “education is the first step towards progress”. India is therefore striving to reach the excellence in the field of education. India has highest percentage of education development after its independence in 1947.Government of India has also played a very important role to spread the love for knowledge and education. 

Educational Institutes in India 

There are now, 343 universities and 17,000 colleges spreading knowledge and education. More than 30 universities are mentioned in the world ranking of top universities and more than 200 universities and institutes are on the top list of Asian universities and institutes. Almost 300 universities are considered as of national importance by the government of India. There are 52 deemed (of special importance) universities, 162 traditional universities, 40 Agricultural universities, 36 engineering and technology institutes, 18 medical universities, 11 open universities and 18 national institutes working in India for the provision of high standard education. There are some best Universities in India are included in QS ranking of universities:

1) Indian institute of Science Bangalore 

2) Indian institute of technology Delhi

3) Indian institute of Technology Bombay

4) Indian Institute of Technology Madras

5) Indian Institute of technology Kanpur

6) Indian institute of technology Kharagpur

7) Indian institute of technology Roorkee

8) Indian institute of technology Guwahti

9) University of Delhi

10) University of Calcutta

11) Banaras Hindu university

12) Panjab University

13) University of Mumbai 

14) University of Pune

15) Jawaharlal Nehru university

Research and Teaching Facilities 

India is providing high standard research facilities at many institutions and universities under the supervision of highly qualified scientists and researchers. Almost all institutes and labs that are conducting research have ISO certified laboratories. The institutes and universities are able to compete with the world of science and technology. It is a well known thing that very brilliant scientific writers, programmers, book authors belong to India. There are many books on technology and medical sciences which are written by Indian authors and are using as text reference books in many countries. 

Comparison of Indian education with international education system

The education system of India completely follows the international education system. There is a well student teacher relationship, well equipped labs, practical work, and research work establishment in almost all universities of India. India is competing with the world’s best universities by providing first class educational facilities.


If someone from India has a plan to study abroad, he/she must take a look on world’s ranking of universities and ISO certification of India institutes. If you are getting high quality education in your own country than why bother to spend money and go abroad. International students are also welcomed to India to get an experience of quality education in friendly environment. Here are the points shared by us on Why Study in India  !                            

AWeber Vs GetResponse - Which is Better?

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Email Marketing is essential to build a successful blog and earn some extra bucks with your blog but when you get started with email marketing, you will get confused with which tool to choose because of multiple tools in the market and their features,many marketer's have different opinion on few say Aweber and many say get response ,so I had come up with a detailed comparison between two tools

Aweber Vs Get Response Detailed Comparison

aweber or getresponse

Get response is email marketing tool with a quite lot of features with which you can host mailing lists,creating attractive newsletters to subscriber's,it also help you to communicate immediately with blog subscriber with auto responder that allows you to set time intervals in which you want to send newsletter's to blog subscriber's ,with it's services you can send thank you letter,discount coupon's.

GetResponse's Features

  • Sign up forms Scroll box, Exit popup, Fixed bar, Shake box, Image box.
  • Predesigned templates for mails
  • Autoresponder facility for incoming emails
  • Rss feed for sending emails
  • Custom Landing Page Templates
  • Various Analytics like Email sent, failed, opened, etc. 

Aweber's Features

  • RSS to Newsletter
  • Pre-Designed Newsletter Templates
  • Simple Analytics
  • Autoresponder facility
  • Sign up forms, inline, Pop-over, Lightbox, Pop-up.
  • Huge list of Integration with Third-party applications

Aweber Vs Getresponse (Pricing)

Price is one of the important factor ,when it comes to pricing getresponse is the winner ,especially when you have less no of subscriber's

Get Response Pricing

aweber vs getresponse

well from the pricing list you can see that get response is the best budget email marketing tool ,with get response you can save about monthly 4$ instead of using Aweber,when you buy it for an year you get a discount of 1.8% ,this is not available with aweber so now lets take other factors into consideration now.

Email Templates:

Template is one of the important factor for deciding which email marketing tool to choose ,both the platform templates are responsive,but when it comes to get response the templates are quite cool and friendly,the templates of get response provide all the feature's of template's of aweber.

GetResponse Templates


Aweber Email Templates


Split Testing:

Split testing feature allows you to select different types of templates from the database and send the best one to your subscriber's ,get response allows you to test up to 5 email news letters where as aweber allows you only to use 4. Both Getresponse and Aweber offer more comprehensive split testing functionality than their rival Mailchimp, which essentially only allows you to do a one simple A/B test and only involving subject header, sender, or send time - Aweber and Getresponse don't have any such restrictions, allow you to test entirely different versions of your email out on your data.

Landing Page:

landing pages are the basic webpages which allow you to capture data and emails ,landing pages contain attractive images and text.get response allow's you to create good landing pages with drag and drop feature but you need to pay a small amount of 15$,or else you can create one landing page with 1000 views monthly is allowed.

Delivery Speed:

Main aim of using these services is to promote your product via emails and for it is must that email's deliverability rate are best. If you dont have high rates, all this campaign are useless. But for this case I have to say that "Houston, We have a Problem!" as both of the services are delivering at rate more than 95%. Both are reliable in delivery rates but recently I observed that Spam rates from Aweber is high and maybe in near future it might occur that email provider flags genuine Aweber emails, so I would suggest for safety opt for GetResponse.

Quick Comparison:

Detailed analyticsYesYes
Email templates800+450+
Email reportsYesNo
Goal/sales trackingYesYes
Mobile appYesNo
Image hostingYesYes
Split testingYesYes
List automationYesYes
Drag and drop message builderYesYes
Contact managementYesYes
Photo galleryYesNo
Responsive emailsYesYes
Social integrationYesYes
Action based auto responderYesNo
Landing pagesYesNo
QR code generatorYesNo
Time-based auto responderYesYes
RSS to emailYesYes
Form builderYesYes
Number of emailsUnlimitedUnlimited

We wont like to go into deep analysis but you can look the final decision for different criteria.

Final Decision:

Before deciding, lets take a quick look which service won in sub sections.
Criteria GetResponse or AWeber?
Message builder GetResponse
Auto responder GetResponse
Ease of setup AWeber
Split testing GetResponse
Analytics GetResponse
Delivery rates Draw
Pricing GetResponse
Integrations with other platforms Aweber
Overall Winner GetResponse

Both getresponse and aweber are great tools for email marketing which has great features to create communicate and maintain email database, But I suggest going with getresponse because of its budget friendly pricing and other additional features.

How I Got My Laptop at Discounted Price via E-Shopping

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Laptop is today’s need, everyone need it for work and other purposes. School, college, university students use it as a tutor to complete their homework and assignments while professionals use it for office work and ladies need it for cooking recipes, fashion events and many more. Computer programmers and engineers are not able to do anything without personal computer or laptop. Laptop is easy to use than a PC because we can use laptop sitting anywhere. 

I am a student and work as a part time freelancer to use my skills for some good purpose. But some days ago, my laptop got a problem in its hard disk, I tried to recover but it was totally out of order. I was very tense about it because I had a lot of work to do. I could not go to market at that time to buy a new one. So I decided to use my younger brother’s PC and order for a laptop from some online shopping store. Now days there are many sites providing offers like Jabong offers codes , Snapdeal codes, Flipkart Discount Codes. After some browsing, I felt that almost all laptops are very expensive and out of my pocket range. Suddenly my friend called me, I explained my problem to him, he told me about’s snapdeal latest offers. I thanked him and opened the website of, here I found the latest exciting discount offers, I was gleeful by finding the’s coupon of latest offer for laptops, there was 50% discount offer. All laptops were from renowned companies and were according to my requirements. i easily got the coupon and by using this coupon I ordered for a laptop. That laptop was in my hands only after few hours. What a fast and great service, I am impressed. 

I advise you; don’t waste time to go to market in searching for a suitable gadget. If you have an internet connection at home, then why don’t you shop from using exciting coupons from provides the latest and snapdeal discount coupons for according to the requirements of their customers. And one thing more, provides guarantee of its products and these products are of high quality national and international brands. If you buy the same product from some local market, it will charge you more, while provides the best offers from high quality and trustworthy websites like 

Not only laptops, provides a wide range of gadgets like smart phones, tablet PCs, tablet phones and everything according to customer’s requirements. A customer needs 4 things in a product; high quality, low rate, long term usage and attractive look provides coupons for the products with all these qualities by the help of So don’t rely upon the low quality cheap products and just use the reliable sources for coupons and discount offers. Keep a note in mind that good quality coupon providing sources like do not charge for coupons, their service is totally free. If customer is happy, their business is good.

How Promocodes and Coupons Helps E-Shopping Lovers

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E-shopping is becoming a trend with the advancement of technology and internet facilities. It is also a need of time because many people don’t have time to go to market and search for the required products, due to their busy schedule of studies, business, office etc. Therefore the companies and large shopping malls developed their E-stores to entertain their customers so that the customers are able to shop without wasting their time on wandering in the shopping malls. E-shopping got popular in customers but there was a problem that online available products were expensive to some extent that’s why people still preferred the shopping malls. This was a loss for the companies, who had developed their E-stores. At that time, some enthusiastic and intelligent web developers and business persons presented the idea of online coupon and promo code system. Thus the websites like were developed by highly experienced and educated persons. is a coupon, promo code, and offer posting website that got the popularity in shopping lovers within a very short time. It attracted its customers by posting and introducing the latest discount offers from India’s high quality online shopping stores like and These shopping stores have an agreement with to provide a high quality service to its customers. With promo codes and coupons, E-shopping is becoming more popular and the shopping lovers are now E-shopping lovers. Because E-shopping provides a number of benefits to the customers like time saving, discounts, wide variety of products, branded things on low rates etc and all these benefits are possible only because of coupons and promo codes. You can access Snapdeal discount offer . is therefore provides a best and up to date service to its customers to tell them the best use of coupons. These all coupons are provided by the online shopping sites like and with high discounts on big deals. Customers can buy products like men’s wear, women’s wear, kid’s wear, home furnisher’s, sportswear by using coupons of discount offers of There is a wide variety of these products at For laptops, mobile phones, tablets , readymade garments of all age groups customer can consult where a wide variety these products of almost all brands is available.Many people got advantage of shopping at by using Jabong Offers through E-shopping lovers are so benefited from the high discount coupons for edibles like pizza, cakes provides the latest promo codes and discount coupons of for foodies and pizza lovers. 

There is an increase in E-shopping lovers with the advancement of coupon providing sites, and is one of the India’s most trustworthy platforms. The trust of customers played a high role in the popularity of coupondekho. Now E-shopping lovers can enjoy shopping without extra browsing. Because the availability of coupons and latest discount offers on a variety of products is preventing the shopping lovers from wasting their time and money on expensive shopping sites. If you are an E-shopping lover, then a wonder world of discounts is waiting for you on 

Don’t wait and enjoy the latest offers

4 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online From Home without Investment 2015

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If you are unemployed and interested to earn money by working from home in part time data entry online jobs without any investment then here provided you best resources Where you can get Online Home Based Data Entry Work Without any investment.Check here details on various home based online jobs without investment, online jobs & part time jobs to make money online.
Part time jobs without investment for students in online Genuine And Trusted.
An ultimate free guide to find part time online jobs for college students from home also housewife teenages can do this work form home task Start your home based online jobs right now without any investment.Some Sites here we are going to share with you where you have to sign up for do work online.

There is some easiest ways and some advanced ways to make money online from home here you can see both ways to earn money online from home without investment.

Make Money From Youtube:

We are using youtube for watch videos and also we are using it for upload our videos and if we know little about youtube then youtube is video sharing sites according to wikipedia headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.And many peoples are making money from it if you are good at video editing and creating video you should try it just make a tutorials on mobile review, laptop tablets gadgets and tech upload it on youtube and also you can make tutorials for software web design and any useful videos for which peoples are searching for it on youtube after it create youtube partner account and monetise your video with it

Make Money From Blogging:

If you have little basic website knowledge about wordpress and blogger you can start blog and make money with just you have to post content on blog which will help internet users and giving solution for them for which they are seeking information on internet you can start any types of blog on niche on which you have knowledge and also passiona start any tech blog, fashion blog education or auto blog and start posting article get traffic monetise it with google adsense you can learn more about blogging on shoutmeloud for this.

Be a freelancer and make money online :

This one also easy and simple work because this task you can do any time and no time restriction in this many sites like freelancer, odesk, guru and mturk offering freelance work where you can do work like survey, website related task like seo logo design and you can do translation work paid email read sign up offers and many more task by which you can earn money by finishing them.


Earn From Survey sites From Home

You can also earn money online from online paid survey site and this is easiest work online because no more technical knowledge requires for it just basic knowledge of pc and internet enough just you have to sign up in survey sites and giving your opinion that’s enough if you are college students and looking for trusted online work for college students from home you should try this online survey work check more details about here this article if giving accurate details for online work for college students from home see post and apply for it.

Here I have explained some way to earn money online from home without any investment.